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Screen Printing Guidelines

When supplying the artwork to us it is best to send both a pdf so that your Sales Representative can view it & the working artwork files which can be obtained from your Graphic designer.

If you no longer have contact with your designer or cannot supply the correct type of files that is fine. We have a team of designers with over 10 years of graphic design experience who can re-draw, change or design you a logo from scratch.

Screen Printing Inks
How to set up Artwork
Accepted File Formats

Please ensure when sending art files to us that you have outlined the fonts or attached the .ttf file & have made all CMYK or RGB colours into Pantone Solid Coated Spot Colours. Working artwork files can be a range of file types including:

File Formats
Adobe Illustrator File Type

Adobe Illustrator

Commonly referred to as vector artwork, this file type never loses resolution. This art is most desirable, as it can be resized without losing image quality.

Adobe Photoshop File Type

Adobe Photoshop

Also known as raster art, this file type is suited to photos and capturing high detail.

Please supply these files to size at 300 DPI with working layers.

Adobe PDF File Type


This file type can be either vector or raster art. Please supply a PDF with any working files, as this format allows our sales team to view your art.

JPG File Type


JPEG is a common file type for digital images.

Please supply these files to size at 300 DPI.

Lower resolution images will result in a blurry or pixelly print.

Sending Artwork

Most Companies have a 10mb limit on email attach-ments. If your files are all together under 10mb then you can send them direct to your Sales Representative.If the files are over 10mb we recommend using a file sharing service. We are familiar with:


Offers free storage up to 2GB for 7 days.


Offers free storage up of single files up to 300MB for 7 days.

Requires Account

Cloud based storage with a free account up to 2GB.

Requires Account

Cloud based storage with a free account up to 2GB.

If possible we also accept art via USB. You can call or email your Sales Representative to organise a time to drop off the artwork. We also have scanning capabilities if needed up to size A4. If you have any artwork related questions please feel free to email your Sales Representative or call us and ask to speak with one of our designers on 07 3841 1869.

Sending Artwork
Screen Printing Colours

Screen printing is very different to using your printer at home. It mainly involves the use of spot colours to make up the colours in your print. At SunPrints we use the Pantone Matching System which is an international colour matching system to ensure your colours are correct.


If you are unable to supply Pantone colours we can match CMYK or RGB colour references but can't guarantee that it will be the exact colour you want due to screen display variances. You are more than welcome to come into our showroom and choose the colours with us.

​You can also click on the button below to be taken to the official PANTONE web colour selector.

PANTONE PMS colour swatches
Printing Colours
Specialty & Standard Inks

SunPrints stock a range of specialty inks including Glow, Glitter & Fluorescent in addition to a range of standard colours that provide high opacity.

Please note that the swatches below may not look the same in person so it is preferred that you come in to view before approving.

Colour Variance:

It is an industry standard that there may be a 5% colour variance from supplied colours. This is attrib-uted to a range of factors including: humidity, ink batches, temperature and even lighting.


At SunPrints we do our best to ensure your repeat jobs are exactly the same colour every time by keep-ing a physical print sample with your job folder.

Fluorescent Inks
Standard Inks
Specialty Inks
SunPrints Range of Fluoro Screen Printing Inks
SunPrints Range of Standard Screen Printing Inks
Special Effect Inks

PLEASE NOTE: Some colours may have a lead time depending on whether the ink needs to be shipped internationally or is available locally.

SunPrints Range of Metallic and Flash Back Screen Printing Inks
How to Set Up Artwork For Screen Printing

Setting up artwork correctly can ensure that you get exactly what you want and gives you more control over how your design prints. Below are two basic videos showing you how to set up basic artwork for screen printing in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. We will always check your artwork before going to print to make sure it has been set up correctly.

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop

If you have any questions about setting up artwork including specific garment print sizing please give our office a call and talk to one of our designers on 07 3841 1896.

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